Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My journey down the road of weight far.

The day after Skylar left for basic training I made a decision. It was a decision that I had made several times before, but lacked the motivation and will power to follow through. After a couple years full of big decisions and some let-downs and stress, I found myself unhappy with ignoring my health for so long. I hadn't hit rock bottom or anything, but I definitely wanted to change. Not just a change, but a complete overhaul! So I woke up the morning after Skylar left and jumped on the treadmill. I knew that first day, that I could do it. I changed what I ate, and started exercising four days a week. Somehow, in some strange way, I felt a little connected with Skylar when I would exercise and push myself just a little harder. I knew that he was enduring intense physical stress, so I pushed myself too. I lost six pounds in the first week. Mostly water weight of course, but I can't describe the feeling of having your hard work pay off. I wish I could bottle it up and take it in doses during the day. What a pick-me-up that would be! I continued to work and push and sweat, for seven weeks. I weighed myself the day before I left for Skylar's graduation. I had lost 18 lbs. I felt like a boob, because I started to cry. Haha. I was so proud, and relieved that I hadn't let myself get away with ignoring my health any longer. Skylar was pretty shocked to say the least! I'm still going at it. This was a lifestyle change, not just a short lived goal. Skylar gets to come home in December for a couple weeks, and by then I hope to be down another 6-10 pounds. It's definitely going to be tough, with the holidays and everything. All that wonderful holiday food! I definitely won't be depriving myself, but I've learned how to do everything in moderation and still feel satisfied. But anyways...gotta run. I've got some exercisin' to do!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Graduation Trip

It's officially over! The horrible two months of basic training are over! I just got back from the five day trip to Skylar's graduation. It was a long week, but so worth the sleep deprivation and the horrible cold that it brought on. Skylar's mom, dad, sister and I left at four in the morning Wednesday for the 16 hour drive to San Antonio. Looooong drive. I had music and crossword puzzles and books to keep me busy though.We arrived in San Antonio at about ten o'clock Texas time. San Antonio is two hours ahead of Arizona. That took some getting used to. We went through base security and got to our hotel knowing that we had to be up at five o'clock a.m. the next morning. That's three a.m. Arizona time!! I tried to sleep, but it was hard knowing that I would see Skylar the next morning. We went to the Airman's run the next morning. All the graduates do a 1.5 mile run in front of friends and family. I almost didn't recognize Skylar with his buzzed head.

After his run was the coin ceremony. Each trainee receives a coin symbolic of their graduation from trainee to airman. That was really cool to watch. A couple of the grad
uates were sworn in as U.S. citizens during the ceremony. It was really neat to watch that. I almost got emotional. haha. The next day was Skylar's graduation ceremony. That was really awesome. It was SO COLD. If the wind hadn't been blowing, it probably would have been tolerable, but the wind made it well below freezing. I was glad when it was over. That day is the reason that I have a horrible cold now! But, again, it was worth it. Skylar had town pass after his graduation so we got to leave base and go into San Antonio. San Antonio is beautiful. There is so much history and awesome culture. I loved it. The first day we went to the Alamo. We couldn't take pictures inside, but there it was amazing. There are still bullet holes everywhere in the walls and they have a lot of the original building intact. We also went to the riverwalk. They had ferry boat tours and all kinds of restaurants all along it. That was a really fun day.
He had town pass all day Saturday, so we went to Sea World, which wa
s free. The awesome people at Sea World let all the Airman and their families in for free. AWESOME. Then we went to the Rampage vs. Checkers hockey game. We got awesome seats and had a really good time.

The last day was pretty hard on all of us. The knowledge that we would have to leave at some point had been pushed to the back of our minds. We spent some good time together that day, and just enjoyed each others company. We drove the long 16 hours back home. I'm so glad we got to make that trip. I'm so glad that basic is over. Skylar worked so hard, and his hard work was definitely noticed. He was made element leader, and received an expert marksman ribbon that he is very proud of. I'm so thankful for him and his determination.