Sunday, September 23, 2012

Home Sweet Home..kindof..

This post is also a little overdue, but better late than never! Skylar and I were put in military housing. It's off base, but contracted though through the military. It's actually pretty cozy. We hadn't heard a lot of good things about Lord's Walk (which is the name of the housing area). 
Once we had moved in though, we realized it wasn't even bad. There are just a few quirky things that make me a little crazy.. 
 Such as: washer and dryer in the kitchen(as if it wasn't too small already..),
a door on the kitchen,
totally bizarre floor plan.. 
We've learned to just deal with the weird things though and try and see the silver lining. 
Like, we can make pancakes and change over laundry at the SAME TIME!!!
Bet you are SO jealous now!
I was so glad to hear that we could paint if we wanted. So I took the creative reins and went with it. I wanted to make the house my own. We are a long way from home right now, and I wanted a place that we could feel comfortable in. There really isn't a lot of room to go completely crazy with the creativity, but I really like what we've been able to do with it so far. 
We're going to be here for the next three years, so I wanted to have a home that would
make me forget about that fact.

I really am so grateful for a roof over my head that we have the means to make it a nice place to live.  
  Now we just need family to visit! C'mon people...we have two bedrooms!

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