Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mans..and womans best friend

When I was growing up, my only attempt at a pet was a cat we called kitty. Pretty pathetic. And it turns out that everyone in my family was allergic to cats. After a couple litters of kittens we did not want or expect, and a traumatic incident involving the dumb cat lying in the road and a very large truck, I was through with pets. I didn't have so much as a fish the rest of the time growing up. And I was totally ok with that. When I met Skylar, he'd had somewhat of a different pet experience. Him and his dad bred and trained German Short-hairs for hunting. Skylar was even in a magazine with his dog after a competition. He had a love and respect for his pet that I had never experienced. I was curious. So after a year of being married, and wanting to wait a little longer for kids...sorry mom..we got a dog. We adopted him from the pound. I knew he was mine the first time I saw him, because he was competing for my attention with a small Dalmatian puppy. With one swipe of his paw, the Dalmatian was no longer in the picture. I adopted him that day.

We named him Farley and he's an English Springer Spaniel. He's the most obedient, loving dog I have ever met. I gained a new outlook on pets as a whole. A year later, we got another puppy. A chihuahua named Yoshi..much to Skylar's horror.

But he has turned out to be just as fantastic a pet as Farley. They
are inseparable now and we love them. So does all our family. We're done with pets now, so the time for kids is drawing nearer. I'm just glad that our children will be born with a couple furry best friends :)

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