Friday, April 13, 2012

Everything might be a little bigger in Texas...but most definitely not better!

I cannot believe that almost a month ago, I drove to Texas to be with Skylar. I mean, where did all that time go?! Fastest month of my LIFE. Let me just start by saying that I developed a little resentment towards Texas when Skylar graduated from BMT. The weather was so weird, and I just did not find anything pretty about the Skylar had to leave me to go to Texas. That's a good enough reason to have a bone to pick with Texas right there! But, since I've been here for a month...I can honestly say that I will NOT miss Texas. Wichita Falls is like a small city. A little bigger than Flagstaff. The weather..I seriously cannot get over the weather here! It is so bizarre. There was one night that there was a craaaazy storm. It happened to be the same storm that brought those horrible tornadoes to the Dallas and Forth Worth areas. That was almost one of the scariest nights of my life. I am scared TO DEATH of tornadoes. I woke up to hail and wind and thunder that was setting off dozens of car alarms at once. I was literally planning an escape route. I was up for hours. And the images that crossed my terrified, irrational mind were like this....
And some were a little like this...

In other words, I was making myself crazy. It ended up all OK, but it was a really scary night. Weather reporters in states like Kansas and Oklahoma, and others in tor
nado alley, are beefing up the language they use when giving storm warnings. Because apparently, people don't run out their front door and drive away when a tornado is announced. They're going to start using descriptions, such as "unsurvivable"...or "catastrophic"..."mass casualties". If my weather man said "mass casualties"...I would be out the door before he finished his sentence. But that's just me. But, other than the horrible storm, Wichita Falls hasn't been so bad. It's actually very green, and I like green. They actually have a lot of historic sites and some really pretty architecture. I'm just glad I got this time with Skylar. He'll be in North Carolina for one more month, and we'll be off to jolly ole' England! Cheerio!

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